A galaxy of merch: Star Wars San Diego Comic-Con exclusives

Star Wars’ merchandise empire rules over the expendable income of collectors throughout the galaxy, and the franchise’s San Diego Comic-Con offerings form a diverse catalog of items for fans to choose from. The list includes collaborations and licensed items for wearing, displaying, drinking and other uses common among the citizens of Earth. A comprehensive list can be found below.


Stance offers the four socks seen above in three different sets: a $40 rebels pack featuring the two leftmost designs, a $40 empire pack featuring the two rightmost designs and a $100 pack consisting of all four designs, plus the two mock blueprints of a TIE fighter and Millennium Falcon. Stance will inhabit booth #2913-G.


The watchmaker Nixon will have two items at their booth, #2913-I.

The Nixon Star Wars cinch bag features Luke/Vader lightsaber inspired strings and a battered reminiscent of the Death Star. The bag will be $25.

Nixon’s Skywalker Sentry watch retails for $350 and only 150 will be made. The jet black watch features the Rebellion and Empire logos, as well as the Death Star, on its face.


Funko’s green chrome Boba Fett and Yoda will be available at the retailer’s booth, #5841. They’ll be $15. Those who can’t attend the show can find Yoda at FYE, while Boba is an Amazon exclusive.

Acme Archives

Artist Steve Thomas created these two color variant prints for Acme Archives, and both will be available at booth #5629.

The leftmost print, based on Return of the Jedi, will be $65, while the fictitious Echo Base root beer advertisement is listed at $55. The size of each print’s run isn’t listed.

Fifth Sun

These two SDCC exclusive tees are $28 each and can be purchased at booth #2913-J.

Diamond Select

Diamond Select Toys will sell this 1:6 scale bust of a Sandtrooper for $120 at its booth #2607.

The character design seen here is based on Star Wars concept art by Ralph McQuarrie. McQuarrie’s art for characters can differ wildly from designs seen on the movie screen, and collectibles featuring his work are often popular among the community.


We’ve spotlighted two of these figures in our Hasbro SDCC list, but a third special edition (right) is new to the toy company’s convention lineup.


Jewelry company SalesOne International will bring two pieces to booths #4437 and #815 at SDCC. The first, a Han Solo pin set, is $15, while this replica of the medal given to Luke, Han and Chewbacca at the end of A New Hope is $75.

Both pieces will be shared with Toynk.


Hallmark’s Itty Bittys are small, stylized plush takes on the Star Wars universe. This Chewbacca-themed Itty Bitty carrier is $18, or $8 with the purchase of three Itty Bittys.

An ornament depicting an Ewok having a wild ride on Endor is $40.

Both items are available at Hallmark’s booth #2913-T. Hallmark will also offer a free set of buttons at its booth.

Trends International

Trends International will sell a number of Star Wars posters, decals and other art at its booth #2314-D.


Lifestyle brand Seven20 utilizes its ability to blend fandom with practical design in this pint glass two-pack, retailing for $10 at booth #3749.


This three-pack of bag clips featuring the Fett family will be $25 at booth #3645.

Regal Robot

This magnet of Jabba the Hutt’s gargoyle is $20 at Regal Robot’s booth #2913-E. It will also be available for $29 at the retailer’s online storefront.


This PerfectShaker is emblazoned with a neon-tinged take on Boba Fett. It’ll retail for $29 at booth #1122.


Mattel’s Hot Wheels take on a Star Wars fan favorite droid is $10 at Mattel’s booth #2945.


The Spanish makers of fine porcelain creations are starting their series of Star Wars pieces with a bust of Queen Amidala in celebration of The Phantom Menace’s 20th anniversary. Pre-orders will be taken at booth #2913.


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