Select tracks from Final Fantasy VII make their way to vinyl

This January, songs from Final Fantasy VII’s acclaimed soundtrack will make their way to vinyl for the first time.

Currently listed at Amazon for $79.98, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII will include select songs from both games on two 180-gram LP picture discs.

The track list is currently unavailable, but seeing as March 2020’s Final Fantasy VII remake captures the original’s first hours spent in the dingy dystopian city of Midgar, songs will most likely be new arrangements of tunes heard during the game’s first chapter. No word on which tracks will be pulled from the original 1997 soundtrack.

This isn’t the first time Final Fantasy VII songs have made it to vinyl. Square Enix has pressed a series of double LP sets based on its Distant Worlds orchestral concerts. The first features “Opening Theme & Bombing Mission,” “Aerith’s Theme” and the game’s greatest hit, “One-Winged Angel.” The main theme of FF VII and “JENOVA” are featured on the second Distant Worlds vinyl release.


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