Agent Venom is a Pop In A Box Funko Marvel exclusive, includes chase

Agent Venom and Agent Anti-Venom are finally making their way to Funko’s line of Marvel Pop! Vinyl as Pop In A Box exclusive figures.

Agent Venom was born when military veteran (and high school classmate of Peter Parker) Flash Thompson bonded with the Venom symbiote. Flash (usually) keeps the alien presence in-check with a regiment of drugs, but can’t stay bonded with the creature for more than 48 hours without risking permanent loss of control.

Flash became Agent Anti-Venom after he yielded the Venom symbiote to its original host, Eddie Brock. When we last saw Agent Anti-Venom, he heroically sacrificed himself to save members of the Spider-Man family from persistent nemesis Norman Osbourne.

Agent Anti-Venom is a chase variant of Agent Venom, meaning one-in-six figures will feature the former. Orders can be placed through Pop In A Box for $12.99.

Our Take

I’ve been waiting a long time to add Agent Venom to my Pop! Vinyl figure collection, and this depiction of the character gives it a stylish, clean look.

However, I’m not a fan of chase variants that offer different characters. Chases with color and costume tweaks are fun, but this is more than just a color swap—this is like having a Carnage chase for a Venom Pop! Vinyl. I’d outright purchase both Agent Venom and Agent Anti-Venom, but now I have to order two and hope for the best.

Regardless, I’m glad a great character with a great comic run is finally getting his due.


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