Spoilers abound in new Stranger Things Funko merch

Stranger Things fans who haven’t had an opportunity to devour the Netflix show’s new season may wait to wait before feasting their eyes on Funko’s newest collectibles based on the show.

However, if you’re caught up (or if you don’t care about spoilers), read on for the news.

Mystery Minis

A series of Mystery Minis based on characters and costumes appearing in Stranger Thing’s third season is tentatively scheduled to ship this August. Figures found in the top photo can be found at any collectibles retailer or ordered by the crate or in a four-pack from Entertainment Earth.

Hot Topic and Target will each receive Mystery Mini sets with three retailer exclusives. The latter’s offerings include a variant Dustin (left), while the former’s includes a variant Billy and Eleven (right).

Pop! Vinyl

Stranger Things’ newest Pop! Vinyl line is also scheduled to ship in August and includes two retailer exclusive Eleven figures—the Target exclusive captures the character holding a stuffed bear, while the Amazon exclusive is adorned with a canary yellow outfit.

Other upcoming Pop! Vinyl from the show—Mike, Eleven, a compromised version of Billy and Joyce—are available at Entertainment Earth for $10.99. The monster (right) is $19.99 and stands 6-inches tall. Its product page lists its name, so once again, spoiler warning.

Canary yellow Eleven (middle) and the monster (right) are subject to change. The five other figures in the line appear to feature their final, official designs.


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