Put some kick in your step with Stance’s Mortal Kombat socks

When a Netherworld demon beckons you to get over here, it’s important you’re wearing comfortable socks. What if you’re all the way on the other side of the screen? That’s a long walk.

Thankfully, clothing company Stance listed three new sock styles based on long-running video game franchise Mortal Kombat. Each is available in an adult large, which fits male shoe sizes 10 through 13, but sock sizes usually offer more leeway than other clothing items, so anyone hovering around that range should be OK to order.

A pair based on the marketing materials and in-game art of 1993’s Mortal Kombat II (above) features the brand’s wordmark running vertically along the outside edge of the sock, and the fatality art seen after successfully executing one of the infamous finishing maneuvers can be found on the sock’s underside.

A second pair shows the game’s wordmark stretched across the bottom of each sock, with the franchise’s dragon logo repeating vertically down the sock’s outside edge. The round-ending “finish him” sound byte is emblazoned at the top.

A mismatched pair of socks depicting the game’s two most popular characters—the ice wielding ninja Sub-Zero and the vengeful demon Scorpion—feature all-over art and character specific phrasing on the tops of the toes.

Each pair is $18.

Our Take

This trio is a fitting homage to one of gaming’s most consistent brand names. I’ve already purchased the Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion pair to strap on when I’m utilizing the characters to best friends in MK11.


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