Orders for The Ninja Saviors on Switch, PS4 go live June 29 through Strictly Limited

Helping people through use of ancient, deadly arts.

Ninjas dominated ’90s pop culture. There were teenage mutant turtle ninjas, three brothers who were ninjas and vengeful spirit ninjas who fought chilly ninjas. The Ninja Saviors are often overlooked ninjas, but thanks to Strictly Limited Games, this 1994 Super Nintendo Entertainment System game is getting its place in the shadows.

At 6 p.m. ET June 29, Strictly Limited’s online storefront will launch pre-orders for The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors, a remake of the SNES beat ’em up featuring redesigned pixel art, new playable characters and multiple soundtracks (a new rendition, the 1994 version and the soundtrack from the 1987 Nintendo Entertain System original). Yes, this is a remake of a remake.

Three different versions of the game will be available. A limited copy with five-button pack and instruction manual is listed at $34.99 for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4. Only 2,000 copies of each will be sold.

The first collector’s edition includes everything above, plus a double CD soundtrack, metal chopsticks, poster, letter set and instruction cards. Eight hundred copies will be made for Switch, while only 400 will be manufactured for PS4. Each will cost roughly $80 USD.

The second collector’s edition includes everything except the soundtrack CD and will retail for roughly $57 USD. Switch editions are limited to 1,200, while PS4 editions number 600.

Strictly Limited ships worldwide and copies of The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors will work on any PS4 or Switch console.


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