K-Swiss Ghostbusters shoes in stock at Foot Locker

Are you a gatekeeper of style? A keymaster of trends? Are you tired of Ghostbusters references and just want to know about these shoes? Fine, don’t be a Slimer about it and get all Stay Puft.

K-Swiss’ two Ghostbusters-inspired special edition sneakers are sold out on the company’s website, but Foot Locker has most sizes in stock.

The Slimer green Classic 2000 shoe features translucent stylings, a movie logo on the tongue and art of Slimer on the inside. The sneakers retail for $90 and come in a commemorative ghost trap box.

Stay Puft’s pair comes from K-Swiss’ SI-18 International Heritage line of sneakers and sports character accurate colors and movie logos. These shoes retail for $110.

Ghostbusters turned 32 earlier this month—this special edition double pack is perfect for the uninitiated and seasoned buster alike.


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