Here are Hasbro’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives

Toy giant Hasbro has announced a number of exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con 2019, including pieces from franchises like Overwatch, Marvel, Power Rangers and The Little Mermaid. We’ve compiled them here for your browsing pleasure—each item is exclusive to Hasbro’s booth at the convention (#3329), with extras appearing at the retailer’s online storefront, HasbroPulse, after the show.

Overwatch’s resident payload pusher, Reinhardt, is receiving a new entry in Hasbro’s Ultimates 6-inch figure line inspired by the first-person squad-based shooter. Reinhardt is seen in his camo skin, with shield and hammer accessories. This piece will set collectors back $60.

Hasbro’s Power Rangers offerings for SDCC 2019 include a Green Ranger themed Razor scooter ($79.99) and a Red Ranger/Gold Ranger two-pack ($50) featuring character Jason’s two different ranger looks. Of note, this version of the Red Ranger is wearing the Green Ranger’s Dragon Shield—this figure’s design is pulled from a television episode that saw the two rangers set aside their differences for the greater good (and saw Jason don some great golden accessories).

The Collector and Grandmaster join Hasbro’s Marvel Legends figure line with this two pack of 6-inch figures. The set will be $49.99.

The Incredible Hulk gets a retro makeover as a Marvel 80 Years celebration piece that sports a comic book look and a crushed pipe accessory. Ownership of Hulk will smash $34.99 from your funds.

This 3-inch My Little Pony two-pack shows Twilight Sparkle’s classic and modern self. The retro figure’s color choices and form factor is meant to replicate the look of ’80s-era toys, while the new version is ripped straight from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The set will retail for $19.99.

These figures created in the classic Kenner style will be available at SDCC, as well as other conventions worldwide. Boba Fett stands 6-inches and his bounty is $24.99. The Luke Skywalker three-pack of 3.75-inch figures is $49.99.

An Ecto-1 themed Optimus Prime? We want it. An Ecto-1 themed Optimus Prime with a trailer that turns into a Ghostbusters command center and includes a tiny Slimer driving a tiny car? We need it.

This SDCC exclusive stands 9.5-inches tall when transformed and comes in proton pack packaging. It’ll set you back $149.99, but real art like this is priceless.

This three-pack is part of Hasbro’s Disney Princess Comics figure line and includes Prince Eric, Ariel and Ursula in treasure chest packaging. It’ll retail for $19.99.

Originally, Ugly Dolls were an accidental collaboration between art students Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath. The two were separated by the former’s student visa expiration, so David wrote Sun-Min a letter that included the character Wage (the blue cyclops) at the bottom. Sun-Min created a doll of Wage, and the Ugly Dolls brand was born. This $34.99 piece pays tribute to Wage and its creators.

This 10-pack of BotBots, Transformers-inspired mini-figures of transformative everyday items, is themed after different elements of SDCC like refueling after a long day of floor browsing, waiting in line for a celebrity picture or fanboying/girling over a panel full of stars. The set will be $34.99.

This Magic: The Gathering set will set you back $99, but the cards included are high-impact.

God-Eternals Bontu, Kefnet, Oketra and Rhonas are represented, along with the dragon Nicol. The five card collection is housed in a decorative box that folds out to show each piece.

Good Luck Trolls celebrate 60 years of accompanying grandmothers to bingo with this convention exclusive double pack. One Troll sports the classic flesh-tone body with belly jewel and colorful hair, while the other pops with shimmering blue skin and rainbow hair. Those lucky enough to find this jewel can expect to cost $29.99.

Transformers is celebrating its 35th anniversary, and to help celebrate, Hasbro is releasing this eight-card, retro-inspired Blaster vs. Soundwave trading card game set at San Diego Comic-Con. It’ll include two large foil cards with six small foil cards and retail for $50.


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