Overwatch, Fortnite Pop! Vinyl exclusives join Funko’s SDCC lineup

Funko’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive gaming Pop! Vinyl bring two powerhouse franchises to the toy maker’s convention lineup.

The gunslinger McCree turns in his revolver for a whistle in this Pop! Vinyl depiction of the Overwatch character’s lifeguard skin. Skins are cosmetic variations that change the look of characters—some are mere palette swaps, while others completely overhaul a character’s look. McCree’s lifeguard skin was available as part of the game’s summer event. This figure will be shared with GameStop.

Loot Lama, an iconic aspect of the pop culture phenomena Fortnite, will be available at Walmart. This version of the purple pinata glows-in-the-dark.

For more information about SDCC exclusives, check out our Funko and Figures pages.


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