Funko’s Disney exclusives for SDCC 2019 include Black Cauldron, Moana, Toy Story

Taran and Horned King are Amazon. Moana and Pua on boat is BoxLunch. Hunchback of Notre-Dame Quasimodo is Hot Topic. Carl and Ellie is BoxLunch. Mr. Pricklepants is Hot Topic. Chuckles is Amazon.

The House of Mouse’s vast animation history is on display through Funko’s Disney-themed San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.

From 1985 fantasy adventure The Black Cauldron, Taran and Horned King are shared exclusives with Amazon. Taran, the protagonist of the film, is tasked with saving the world despite his humble origins. Who should he save it from but his Pop! Vinyl two-pack partner, Horned King. His highness is looking for a relic called The Black Cauldron, said to have enough power to raise an undead army.

Moana and Pua sail out of the big screen and into this SDCC exclusive Pop! Ride, which is shared with BoxLunch. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame’s Quasimodo is also available at Hot Topic, along with Toy Story character Mr. Pricklepants. Another Toy Story character, Chuckles, is available through Amazon.

Funko’s SDCC Disney lineup is capped off by the cutest Pop! Vinyl of the year, a two-pack featuring young versions of Up characters Carl and Ellie. The pair will also adventure to BoxLunch shelves for shared exclusivity.

For more SDCC 2019 announcements, check out our Funko and Figures sections.


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