TV-themed Funko Pop! Vinyl SDCC exclusives include Stranger Things, Simpsons, Big Bang Theory

Today, Funko announced a large variety of San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Pop! Vinyl figures based on various television franchises.

H.R. Pufnstuf, the 1969 children’s series’ titular character, is joined by Sigmund from Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (1973, rebooted by Amazon in 2017). These Sid and Marty Kroftt creations are shared exclusives, with an allotment coming to Funko’s online storefront.

From the British science fiction mainstay Doctor Who, a Pting is a small creature that devours any and all inorganic material it can get its hands on. It’s violent and relentless in its pursuit.

From the Japanese science fiction mainstay Ultraman, Ultraman is Hayata, a member of Science Patrol. The patrol are soldiers who defend Earth from interplanetary menaces, but when their efforts aren’t enough, Hayata transforms into his ultra secret identity. This newest Pop! Vinyl figure of Ultraman glows in the dark.

Pting will be available at Barnes and Noble stores, while Ultraman is a Toy Tokyo exclusive.

Demogorgon is the iconic interdimensional monster who plagues the young people of Hawkins, Indiana during season one of Netflix’s science fiction drama Stranger Things. Here, the creature is given a golden sheen for a fun Barnes and Noble convention exclusive. Also of note is the figure’s packaging—its box features the same design as the boxes newer Stranger Things figures are housed inside. Does this mean the Demogorgon will play a part in season three?

Mira, from Netflix’s upcoming prequel to The Dark Crystal, has yet to be announced for shared exclusivity—it may be a convention exclusive.

These mash-up collectibles feature characters from CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory dressed as DC Superheroes. They’ll be shared with Walmart.

Update: On June 20, Funko announced additional television-themed SDCC exclusives.

An orange Conan Pop! Vinyl, along with a cereal featuring a superhero version of Conan, will be available at the show and the GameStop stores. Funko Pop! Vinyl figures Aliens Kang and Kodos from The Simpsons’ fan favorite episode Treehouse of Horror will also be shared with GameStop.

A convention exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl of Princess Bean from Netflix series Disenchantment will be shared with media retailer Barnes & Noble.

Baby Puss and Hoppy from The Flintstones, Lazy Luke and Sergeant Blast from Wacky Races and Pop! Pez of The Banana Splits will all be available at Funko’s online storefront.


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