Funko’s SDCC 2019 animation exclusives feature Dragon Ball Z, Neon Genesis Evangelion, RWBY, Peanuts

Today’s deluge of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives continues with Funko’s animation-inspired Pop! Vinyl lineup.

First, Ghost Gotenks is featured in this BoxLunch shared exclusive. The fusion of Goku and Vegeta’s youngest sons, Gotenks created these ethereal copies to attack the antagonist of Dragon Ball Z’s final saga, Majin Buu.

The second DBZ piece, red Super Saiyan Vegeta, is shared with Hot Topic.

Astronaut Snoopy is a Barnes and Noble shared exclusive, while Ruby Rose is shared with Hot Topic. Finally, Neon Genesis Evangelion makes its Funko Pop! Vinyl debut with a figure of Asuka, also shared with Hot Topic.

Update: Funko also announced a convention exclusive My Hero Academia skateboard deck, available as a shared exclusive with GameStop.


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