Wii gets a new game at E3 in Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2020

No need to adjust your resolution—what you see is box art for a Wii game that says 2020 directly on the cover, almost as a statement of defiance.

Dance over to the closet and dust off the Wii, because it’s time to party like its 2009.

Yesterday during its E3 presentation, Ubisoft announced that the newest iteration if its Just Dance franchise will hit multiple consoles this year. The obvious culprits were included—Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4—but one version stood out. Yes, before the end of this year, Nintendo Wii will see what could end up being its last release in Just Dance 2020.

It makes sense. Wii won its console generation and bridged the gap between hardcore and casual with its motion controls and low entry price. Just Dance 2019 was released for the system, so it stands to reason that its sequel will find its way there, too. However, it’s just as reasonable to leave a Nintendo system that’s two generations removed from the present day out of consideration—the team cut a Wii U version out of their plans for this year, which is telling of that machine’s performance.

The Just Dance franchise started on Wii in 2019. It’s a rhythm game that uses motion controls to track players moves during routines set to popular songs. Over the last decade, titles in the franchise have appeared on a number of platforms, including consoles, mobile phones and Microsoft Windows.

Regardless of novelty, Wii gamers will have a new title to play this year. Where ever they are, I bet they’re dancing with joy.


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