Final Fantasy VII Remake deluxe, collector’s editions announced

SteelBooks seem to be a reoccurring theme this E3, but how many of those SteelBooks feature a one winged angel?

Last night, Final Fantasy VII remake finally got a release date of March 3. Tonight, Square Enix detailed two different special editions for the game during its annual E3 presentation.

The deluxe edition, available now for $79.99, includes a SteelBook featuring classic bad guy Sephiroth, an art book, a mini-soundtrack CD and downloadable content.

The 1st Class Edition, named after main character Cloud Strife’s rank in in-game paramilitary force SOLDIER, is exclusive to Square Enix’s online store and includes everything above, plus a Play Arts Kai figure of Cloud on the motorcycle from the game’s escape from Midgar chase scene. An additional piece of DLC rounds out the 1st Class Edition’s offerings. This edition retails for $329.99.

The extra $250 is really for the Carbuncle DLC. Trust me, the little guy’s worth it.

As always standard editions of the game are also available for $59.99.

Final Fantasy VII launched in 1997 for PlayStation and brought mainstream attention to the Japanese RPG genre. Since then, it’s spawned spinoffs on mobile and console, a feature film sequel and ports to numerous systems. The original is available on all current-gen hardware with quality of life updates.

Our Take

I’m so excited to finally play this reimagining of my favorite video game that I’m going to pre-order a special edition—in case my girlfriend is reading this, I refuse to specify which one.


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