Ubisoft announces Watch Dogs Legion at E3, Gold Edition incoming

Perks include a bevy of in-game items.

Today at E3, Ubisoft announced the third game in the Watch Dogs series, Watch Dogs Legion.

The title takes place in a post-Brexit London where Britain’s isolation has caused its society to plunge into a surveillance state. It’s a third-person action/adventure game in the vein of its predecessors that allows players to take control of a gang, recruit NPCs and then play as them. Almost any character in the open world can be recruited.

The game is available for pre-order in a $59.99 standard edition on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. It also comes in a limited edition that includes a SteelBook, along with exclusive characters, missions and cosmetic items.

The Gold SteelBook edition is $109.99 on Xbox One and PS4 and launches three days before the standard edition, on June 3, 2020. Otherwise, players can dive into Watch Dogs Legion’s world June 6 of next year.


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