Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid limited run available on Switch, PS4 today

Earlier this year, the fighting game was released digitally.

During its E3 presentation, Limited Run Games announced it’s bringing Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid to physical media for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Limited mega editions, appearing for both consoles in pressings of 3,000 each, come with a poster, a SteelBook game case and magnetic coins that can be placed on the SteelBook’s morpher. For the uninitiated, a morpher is a device that allows a teenager with attitude to become a Power Ranger.

The Switch and PS4 base edition retail for $59.99 and is available during a three-week open pre-order. Limited Run Games will also provide an allotment to an unnamed brick-and-mortar retail chain (most likely Best Buy).

The Switch and PS4 limited mega editions retail for $89.99.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a 2D fighting game based on the long-running live action television series. It released in March 2019 to mixed reviews, with critics praising its fighting game mechanics while remaining critical of its presentation and roster size.


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