Marvel 80 Years X-Men figures recreate retro packaging for Cyclops, Storm, more

Oh, the ’90s. The turtles were teenage, the kombat was mortal and the X-Men were everywhere, from arcades and television sets to toy store shelves.

This August, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends figure series will release a line that recreates the packaging and designs used during one of X-Men’s most culturally relevant periods. Cyclops, Storm, Dazzler, Iceman, Wolverine and Silver Samurai all receive new figures with retro sensibilities in celebration of Marvel’s 80th anniversary.

Pre-orders are open now through Entertainment Earth, with individual pieces selling for $19.99 and the set available for $119.99.

Amazon also has Cyclops, Dazzler, Iceman, Wolverine and Silver Samurai available.

Our Take

The attention to detail here is astounding—the packaging is spot-on and inspired toy store flashbacks, while the figures are faithful to past looks. I had that exact Cyclops figure, and it looks so good here that I may buy it again.


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