Super Rare Games brings physical copies of Machinarium to Switch

Machinarium was originally released for computers for 2009.

Super Rare Games’ newest release is the nearly-decade old point-and-click adventure game Machinarium.

Mentioning its age isn’t a slight against the game—during those 10 years, Machinarium has remained relevant and found its way to a number of platforms, including Nintendo’s hybrid console, Switch. Now, the game is hitting Switch in a fan-friendly edition that includes a 60-page manual, cardboard cover, sticker and trading cards.

Orders open June 13, with shipments expected to go out June 20. Only 5,000 copies of the game were manufactured. As with all Switch titles, this game can play on any Switch console around the world.

Machinarium tasks players with thwarting the plans of the Black Cap Brotherhood, a band of robots looking to upend machine society. As they journey through the 2D hand-drawn landscape, players will solve a variety of puzzles, quests and challenges.


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