Data Discs brings Sonic CD soundtrack to vinyl

Surprises are fun.

Sonic CD’s original Japanese soundtrack is hitting vinyl, and pre-orders are open now.

London-based label Data Discs announced the release via their social media channels and newsletter earlier today. Copies are £34.99 (approximately $45 US).

Variants include black vinyl, blue vinyl and a limited clear with blue/green edition. Data Discs stated the limited edition is an open pre-order—all orders placed for the edition before 7 a.m. ET Monday, June 17 will receive it.

Copies include three art prints, linear notes by composer Naofumi Hataya and a digital download code.

Released in 1993 for Sega Mega-CD (Sega CD in the US), Sonic CD takes the titular blue hedgehog on a journey through time to create the most desirable ending possible for he and his furry friends.

Two soundtracks were created for the game. This pressing is the Japanese/European version, regarded by critics as superior to the differing American soundtrack.

Items are scheduled to ship in September.


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