Codes included with Gears of War Pop! Vinyl unlock items in upcoming Gears Pop! game

UPDATE: As of Aug. 22, 2019, Gears Pop! is available through Apple and Google app stores. Original story follows, and includes information on acquiring Gears of War Pop! Vinyl figures that come packaged with codes for unique in-game Gears Pop! items.

With E3 on the horizon, odds are good we’ll hear more about Gears Pop!, the Gears of War spinoff for mobile devices created by Microsoft and Funko. For fans looking to jump right into the game, a new line of Gears of War Pop! Vinyl figures can help them get a head start while celebrating their fandom.

Figures of Kait Diaz, Boomer, Marcus Fenix and Queen Myrrah are available through Entertainment Earth and all come come with a code for in-game content redeemable through Xbox Live. The GameStop exclusive Skorge figure also comes with a code.

GameStop also has an exclusive box that includes four Gears of War Pop! Vinyl figures, a Gears Pop! hat, a book, four enamel pins and digital codes for the game.

Our Take

These Pop! Vinyl figures with codes released shortly before E3, so I’d expect a Gears Pop! announcement. If you want the exclusive in-game items, grab these figures before they’re gone.


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