Slim Jim Macho Man is the wrestling figure we always needed

Bless all the corporate entities that came together to make this possible.

UPDATE: This piece was extremely popular at SDCC, and Mattel’s Macho Man Slim Jim Figure is available to pre-order now through Entertainment Earth.

This may go down as the best brand collaboration in collectible history.

On June 18, Entertainment Earth will begin taking pre-orders for this beautiful approximation of the ’90s. WWE, Mattel and Slim Jim have joined forces to immortalize “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s role as meat stick salesmen extraordinaire with this heavily accessorized WWE action figure.

The announcement came early June 5 via Mattel’s Twitter account.

The piece is part of Entertainment Earth’s San Diego Comic-Con lineup, with pre-orders hitting their online storefront and allotments available at the retailer’s SDCC booth. We’ll link to the product page once it launches.

Our Take

I’m a vegetarian, but today I’m celebrating this figure with a Slim Jim. Dig it!


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