Entertainment Earth’s next SDCC exclusive: Deadpool-in-a-Box

Pop! goes the Deadpool.

Entertainment Earth announced its second exclusive for this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and it’s a truckload of fun.

Inside this suspicious-looking tin taco truck hides a suspicious-looking mercenary, waiting to surprise anyone willing to turn his crank (I know it’s in poor taste, but it’s an article about Deadpool). The 5-inch tall box plays Pop! Goes the Weasel.

Only 2,394 of these hand-numbered Merc-in-a-Boxes exist—and Entertainment Earth will sell an allotment at their SDCC booth—so pre-order as soon as possible if you’re not attending the show.

Last week, the retailer announced their first convention exclusive for the year, a Pinky and the Brain figure that glows in the dark.


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