X-Force Marvel Legends figure series coming soon

Mister Sinister’s cape isn’t made of red licorice, please don’t try to eat it.

Marvel Legends is Hasbro’s line of high-end action figures spotlighting heroes from around the Marvel Universe, and the toy company’s latest subject is the mutant team X-Force

Set for release this August, the figure collection includes the Canadian metal man Wolverine, fan favorite Nightcrawler, Boom Boom, Cannonball, Guardian and Mister Sinister.

Each is available to pre-order individually for $19.99 or as a set for $159.99. Pieces of the Marvel villain Wendigo come with each figure as incentive to collect them all.

The X-Force team debuted in comics in 1991 and received its own series shortly thereafter. Throughout the years, its roster has included a wide range of Marvel characters like Cable, Domino, Human Torch and Archangel.


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