Sony continues E3 tradition with special edition PS4 release

This steel black PlayStation 4 Slim console is Sony’s third Days of Play special edition.

On June 7, Sony will launch a special edition PlayStation 4 to celebrate the start of video game trade show E3.

The steel black console comes with a matching DualShock 4 controller and retails for $299.99. No retailer exclusivity has been announced, so expect it to hit all major retailers.

The console is part of Sony’s Days of Play event, which runs from June 7 to June 17 and sees retailers apply drastic discounts to a number of first party titles. Online, PlayStation Store will also apply discounts to digital goods during the timeframe.

Our Take

Days of Play special editions have sold out quickly in the past. We’ll let you know when this one goes live.

In 2018, Sony released a blue-and-gold special edition to commemorate the occasion. An all-gold PS4 Slim hit stores for Days of Play in 2017. Today, both are scarce.


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