Psychonauts gets physical PS4 release, collector’s edition

Psychonauts collector's edition information
The box is modeled after the door-like device that Psychonauts use to get into people’s heads.

On June 7, Limited Run Games will begin accepting orders for Psychonaut’s PlayStation 4 physical debut.

The critically acclaimed game is already available for the system via PlayStation Store, but fans who want a physical copy because of their love for the game, preference for physical media, desire to support the developer—whatever the reason—can pick one up during the game’s three week open pre-order period. A small number of collector’s editions, pictured above, will be available in batches at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. June 7.

The collector’s edition includes the game, a soundtrack CD, a reversible 18-inch by 24-inch poster and a SteelBook case, all housed in a box that resembles the doors used by Psychonauts to enter their subject’s brains.

Psychonauts was released in 2005 for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC. It’s a 3D platformer in which players assume the role of Raz, a circus runaway who dreams of becoming a Psychonaut—specially trained agents who enter people’s minds. Levels in the game vary graphically and thematically, taking players on a ride that warranted re-release on multiple platforms, as well as an upcoming sequel.


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