God of War enamel pins feature Kratos, Atreus, others from 2018 game

This shot, shared via Sony Santa Monica’s Twitter, showcases the complete God of War series 1 and 2 pin sets.

In 2018, God of War reinvented Kratos—no longer the vengeful Ghost of Sparta, the demigod and his son sought seclusion deep in the realm of the Norsemen. However, the divine of that realm couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Now, Sony is making a collection of enamel pins featuring the likenesses of those characters available to fans. The pins are a regal-looking red and gold, with well-defined lines and unmistakable features.

Set 1 is $44.95 and includes Kratos, his son Atreus, Brok, Mimir, Sindri and Jormungandr. Set 2 retails for $36.95 and features Baldur, Freya, Modi, Magni and Sigrun.

Our Take

At $7.50 a pin, these striking pin sets are a great deal for God of War aficionados.


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