Chrome Kaneki Pop! Vinyl live at Funimation web store

Funimation is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a series of chrome Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, starting with this variant of Tokyo Ghoul protagonist Ken Kaneki.

The product description for this Pop! Vinyl cites Tokyo Ghoul’s role in bringing horror anime to mainstream audiences, and that’s certainly true—while Death Note showcased supernatural horror elements, recent anime like Tokyo Ghoul and its closest contemporary, Attack on Titan, turned up the violence and permeated pop culture with their blood-soaked stories.

This Pop! Vinyl is made from the same mold as Kaneki’s first figure, which showcased the half-human, half-ghoul’s iconic mask and red glowing kagune (the tentacles protruding from his back). Chrome Kaneki is being released in an unspecified limited production amount for $24.99.


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