Persona Q2 launches this week with physical bonuses

On June 4, Nintendo’s 3DS system receives what may be its last high profile release with Persona Q2, a dungeon crawling adventure that draws inspiration from Japanese franchises Etrian Odyssey and Persona. As of now, Amazon still offers copies of the game’s launch edition and its premium package.

The launch edition includes a four-pack of buttons featuring protagonists from Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5. The premium edition, which Amazon currently has marked down to $65.04, includes the button pack, a deck of playing cards, an art book and a plush of Persona 3 character Koromaru.

Our Take

The original Persona Q was praised by critics for its vibrant art style and engaging gameplay. Given the franchise’s recent explosion in popularity thanks to the amazing Persona 5, special editions of this 3DS swan song will be sought after.


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