Mondo dropping X-Men merch May 30

Sometime May 30, Mondo will launch a collection of X-Men merchandise on its online storefront.

Items include four different enamel pins (see above), a poster celebrating the comic X-Men: Grand Design by Ed Piskor and an X-Men slipmat for mutants whose super powers include spending way too much money on vinyl records.

In an effort to combat unethical online buying practices, Mondo lists most collectibles at unannounced times. Stay tuned to our social media channels tomorrow for more information.

Our Take

The aforementioned poster is of particular interest. Ed Piskor is in the process of summarizing the entirety of X-Men canon in comics created entirely by his hand. The poster pictured below is based on one of his covers and can be purchased May 30 for $60. Act fac, as it’s a limited edition of 225.


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