Crystallize your Disney fandom with Star Wars, Pixar Swarovski pieces

Austrian crystalsmiths Swarovski and Disney have joined forces to curate a collection of high-end fan collectibles.

Simply dubbed The Disney Collection, Swarovski’s takes on the House of Mouse’s iconic characters are delicate artistic renderings and span the company’s many franchises.

Toy Story’s Woody, the claw machine aliens and Nemo help represent Pixar, while classic Disney finds its footing in this collection with Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Snow White and more. Pieces range from $129 to $465, with a premium statue of Mickey and friends retailing for $15,000.

If the statue is out of your price range, the Star Wars helmets pictured above are more affordable—Boba Fett’s crystallized look is $8,550, while the Stormtrooper helmet can be yours for $8,900. Crystallized characters start at $129 with the droid BB-8.

Our Take

There are cheaper ways to express your Disney fandom, but if shiny is what you’re after, Swarovski is tops. Pieces also seem to be selling—Darth Vader’s crystal helmet is no longer listed for sale, so some collectors have clearly bought into the dark side despite its cost.


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