Classic Sega arcade machines could become Lego playsets

These classic Sega machines only have a few more hurdles to jump becoming Lego sets.

Lego’s latest fan vote could bring gamers one step closer to owning their own arcade—just don’t try to sit in any of the machines.

On June 4, fan votes will close in Lego Ideas‘ 10 year anniversary competition. Finalists were pulled from a pool of past Lego Ideas entrants that weren’t approved, including sets based on the International Space Station, Disney character Stitch, a Lego sculpture called Yellow and this three-pack of classic Sega sit-down arcade machines.

Created by a user named SpaceySmoke, this prototype Lego set includes miniature versions of Space Harrier, OutRun and Thunder Blade. SpaceySmoke also includes three lego minature figures—male and female Sega fans are joined by developer Yu Suzuki, who worked on Space Harrier and OutRun.

Lego Ideas is a platform that allows users to submit their own Lego designs for consideration and, in best cases, production. The platform often leads to licensed Lego sets like Adventure Time, Tron and Minecraft. If a set is chosen for production, its creator receives a one percent royalty from sales.

The set’s Lego Ideas page discusses the creator’s vision, possible roadblocks to creation and other details surrounding the project. Lego and/or Sega fans can also visit the page to vote for the Classic Sega Machines set.

Visit SpaceySmoke’s Flickr to view other prototypes, including Hang-On and After Burner.


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