Earthlock gets physical on Switch

A base edition of the game will also be available, but won’t include all the goodies pictured above.

At 1 p.m. ET today, Super Rare Games will begin accepting orders for Earthlock on Nintendo Switch. Only 5,000 copies of the limited edition will be made, with 1,000 collector’s editions also up for grabs.

Limited editions are $37.92 and include the game, a full-color manual, a sticker and three trading cards. Collector’s editions are $120.10 and include the limited edition, along with a 200-page hardcover artbook, two Earthlock-inspired comic books, a soundtrack CD and the complete set of Earthlock trading cards.

Originally released in 2016 for Xbox One and PC, Earthlock is a JRPG for fans of PlayStation-era roleplaying games.

Super Rare Games is based in England, but the Switch is region-free, so all games ordered from the site will be compatible with any Switch around the world.

Our Take

In addition to being well worth its asking price, this collector’s edition is Super Rare Games’ first attempt at such an ambitious release. Consider picking it up.


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