Alien poster, enamel pins, tiki mugs, tee launch today at Mondo

Sometime today, this poster, along with its black-and-white variant, will go live at

Today, Mondo will launch a collection of merchandise in continuing celebration of Alien’s 40th anniversary. Mondo’s Twitter account states that the items will go live “sometime today,” with vague scheduling most likely a play to throw off bots and scammers.

Two posters, a green-hued depiction of Nostromo crew members exploring the bowels of a Xenomorph ship, along with a black-and-white variant, will go on sale for $50 and $75, respectively. Only 150 copies of the variant are available.

Four enamel pins, priced at $10 each, are also available. Two feature Xenomorphs in various stages of life, one is a recreation of the character Kane in a spacesuit and one is a bust of the Xenomorph’s best buddy, Predator.

A long-sleeved tee, priced at $35, rounds out the collection.

These ceramic Alien Queen Tiki Mugs come with Chestbuster and Facehugger swizzle sticks (a fancy name for drink stirrers).

May 23 also sees the launch of three Alien-themed ceramic Tiki Mugs from Mondo. Available at 1 p.m. ET, and priced at $50 for brown or black, or $65 for the limited-to-200 bone, these mugs are available for pre-order until 1 p.m. ET May 30.

If this isn’t enough Alien for you, Mondo recently began accepting pre-orders for its repressing of Alien’s soundtrack on vinyl.


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