99 Vidas receives physical Switch edition

The game’s Genesis-style packaging is representative of its Streets of Rage-style gameplay.

Today, Strictly Limited Games announced a small physical pressing of 99 Vidas for Nintendo Switch.

Pre-orders open Sunday, May 26.

Copies of the collector’s edition are limited to 800 worldwide and are hand-numbered. Orders cost $55.77. The definitive edition, limited to 2,200, will cost $33.46. Prices are converted to USD. This release includes 99 Vidas’ DLC, The Last Battle.

Strictly Limited is offering a free pin as a bonus for buyers on record as purchasing 99 Vidas’ PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita release through the German-based small batch publisher.

An homage to the beat ’em up genre, 99 Vidas features recognizable gameplay and subtle references for fans of titles like Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Double Dragon.


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