Good Smile’s One Punch Man statue captures Saitama in action

One Punch Man is a comedic, self-aware manga and anime about heroes who fight monsters. The most powerful hero (and our window into this world), Saitama, defeats all his enemies in one punch—to the extend his boredom with fighting becomes a central plot point. Now, thanks to Good Smile Company, Saitama is ready to throw his powerful punch from the desks of otaku around the world.

The $42.99 statue can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth and stands approximately 6.7-inches tall. The piece is part of Good Smile Company’s new Pop Up Parade line, a series of affordable statues based on anime and video game characters that ship within four months of pre-orders opening.

For a cuter take on Saitama, see Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid figure.


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