Marvel Legends Hulk and Wolverine two-pack exclusive to Entertainment Earth

Habro’s Marvel Legends series is celebrating the multimedia juggernaut’s 80th anniversary with this history-minded release.

Marvel Legends is receiving a two-pack that packs a (interchangeable) punch, and it’s available for pre-order exclusively through Entertainment Earth.

The set, depicting Wolverine and Hulk in detailed, fully-posable form, retails for $59.99 and has an expected release date of August.

Their outfits are inspired by the 1974 debut of Wolverine in The Incredible Hulk 181.

Other Marvel Legends figures carrying the 80th anniversary logo include Big Time Spider-Man and Cowboy Logan, both available exclusively through Entertainment Earth.

Big Time Spider-Man is a green-and-black figure depicting the stealth suit invented by Peter Parker during Amazing Spider-Man’s Big Time arc. The suit debuted in Amazing Spider-Man 650.

Cowboy Logan is Logan in a cowboy hat.


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