After Netflix success, Umbrella Academy readies hardcover editions

The Umbrella Academy’s print run is ongoing, with issues of Volume 3 currently hitting comic store shelves.

UPDATE: Pre-orders of The Umbrella Academy Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion are available now at Amazon. Original story follows.

With 45 million views and counting, The Umbrella Academy is currently Netflix’s most watched television show of 2019. Thanks to reinvigorated interest in the franchise, Dark Horse is reprinting the comic’s first two volumes as oversized hardcover books with special features including short stories and sketches.

The 216-page version of Volume 1: Apocalypse Suite is scheduled for release Sept. 24, while Volume 2: Dallas has a release date of Nov. 26. Both are available for pre-order now through Amazon.

The Umbrella Academy debuted in 2007 and is written by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, with art by Gabriel Ba. The story revolves around seven extraordinary babies adopted by an eccentric millionaire and molded into a crime fighting team. Most of the series’ conflicts arise from the breaks and cracks in those molds.

The Umbrella Academy’s third volume, Hotel Oblivion, is set to conclude June 5 with issue seven.


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