Funko reveals E3 shared exclusive Pop! Tees

Gears of War heroes pose in Pop! form for one of Funko’s E3 shared exclusive tees.

This year’s E3 is fast approaching, and with it comes Funko’s exclusive and shared product reveals. Today, the company’s Twitter account announced three new Pop! Tees for the event. All three are shared exclusives with gaming retailer GameStop.

The first, a Gears of War-inspired tee, showcases protagonists Kait Diaz, introduced in Gears of War 4, and series mainstay Marcus Fenix. Both soldiers are in full-on action mode, with the franchise’s logo shown behind them.

Next, Funko brings breakout anime hit Aggretsuko to the gaming space with an aesthetically pleasing Pop! Tees design. Finally, Borderlands 3 antagonists Children of the Vault receive a boxed tee in anticipation of their appearance in the September AAA title. The shirt itself depicts Children of the Vault leaders Troy and Tyreen Calypso.

Aggretsuko goes full aggro for her E3 exclusive Funko Pop! Tees release.
The anticipated Borderlands 3 receives one of its earliest pieces of merchandise with this E3 exclusive Pop! Tees release.

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